Stand Up Paddle in Alanya

Give yourself to the magic of the morning

A SUP tour is a board ride with a paddle, a combination of physical activity and amazing experiences. We will meet the dawn at sea, see the castle, the red tower, the lighthouse and the old shipyard from a different angle. If desired, you can do yoga, meditation or swimming.

All you need to know about the tour

The tour cost includes

Exclusive services

☎️ You can register and ask questions by phone +90 553 349 91 23 or WhatsApp (we speak English 🇬🇧 and Russian 🇷🇺)

SUP Rotation (short & long)

The Long Tour takes 2 hours and 3 km. Here is the rotation

The Short Tour takes 30 minutes close to beach side. Here is the rotation

Your tour guide & trainer

He takes your pictures along the journey and plans the schedules. You can ask anything about the stand up paddle boarding. He is also a professional surf teacher.

+90 553 349 9123

How about learning or try a little experiment.

Most people learn stand up paddle boarding in 5 minutes. We train 10 minute before the tour start at the beach side. or you can take 30 minutes short tour for more training. (recommended for kids or beginners)

Stand up paddling Start point